Glass Paw

What We Do

Glass Paw builds bespoke software for businesses. We usually provide contractors to work at our customers' premises. We can take on whole projects if required.


Richard Gemmell is the owner and founder of Glass Paw. He is a software engineer with over 20 years experience of building business applications for UK companies.

Richard has extensive experience of the complete development stack. He has built user interfaces, backend servers and APIs for both native and web applications. More recently, Richard has been working on projects that deployed in Azure; Microsoft's cloud service.

Richard has been using agile development practices since Glass Paw was founded in 2006. These include pair programming, continous integration, unit testing and automated acceptance testing. He can help your company to introduce these working practices to your projects.

You can see Richard's full CV on LinkedIn.


Richard Gemmell founded Glass Paw in 2006 when he decided to become an independent contractor. Since then he's built enterprise software applications for all sorts of companies. These days, most of his work is built in C# for the Microsoft .NET platform.

Client List

Most of our experience has been in the financial, automotive and travel industries. Here are some of our clients.

Trafigura Webmoco Thomas Cook
Black Pepper Software Thomson Reuters Whites Group
Phoebus Software Tradefair Missing Ink Studios